Presentation of real estate and architectural projects

We help to find investments in the construction business

10 years experience in the creation of 3D renderings and architectural presentations for the successful promotion of construction projects. Technologies of 3D modeling and architectural animation give an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the project at the stage of excavation.

Makes real estate more expensive

If you have questions related to the presentation of construction projects technology: the turnaround time, as the calculated value further based on the executed 3D visualization can be obtained without significant time and costs, please call and we will help you.

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Virtual tour of the apartment complex
Promotional image of the residential complex Copernicus
Architectural presentation of the development of the microdistrict in Bryansk
Business House Park
Virtual panorama of the business house Park
Forum Group - elite real estate quarter
Architectural animation - pre-revolutionary Yekaterinburg
Area of elite real estate Forum
Architectural presentation of Patrushi district
Promotional images of the residential complex of Monte Cristo
Forum Office Center
Panoramic walk through the territory of the residential complex Antares
Orthodox churches of Yekaterinburg
Animation of construction of queues of agrocomplex
An example of combining video and 3D models
Advertising film - a new area "Patrushi"
Residential complex "Antares". Animated film
Architectural presentation of the area "North Crown"
Presentation of the microdistrict Millenium
Virtual panorama of the residential complex Kalininsky
Residential complex Victory
Residential building Meteorite
3D visualization of a house in the Academic District
Residential complex Antares, advertising strip in the New Year's issue of the glossy magazine
Business center SUMMIT
Advertising images for the residential village of NewKoptyaki
3D visualization of the architectural solution of the facades of the exhibition center
Virtual Tour of the New Microdistrict
Residential complex Basil. Virtual tour
Virtual tour through the territory of the agro-complex
Panorama of the shopping center