Architectural animation

Architectural animation

Video presentations based on 3D technologies

Architectural 3D animation immerses the viewer in the world of the object under construction, in bright and informative form tells about its properties and features. In animated films, the viewer's perception is controlled by such cinematographic means as between the personnel editing, the rhythm of the narrative, the composition of the video and audio series. Impressions of the viewer, regardless of who he is - a large investor, a representative of public authorities or just a person intending to invest in the purchase of real estate, repeatedly strengthen and form a strong basis for further interaction.

How much does architectural animation cost?

The cost of developing architectural 3D animation depends on the features of the scenario, the availability and quality of the source material for the object (3D models, drawings), its scale and a number of other factors. For the formation of provisional cost, it is enough for us to talk on the phone and 2-3 hours of studying the primary data for the facility. You need to call our studio, or write to an email address, and we'll try to help.

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